Classical music playlist for kids

From Emily Reese at Minnesota Public Radio, 11 tracks to get kids moving:

I went a bit Baroque-heavy for personal and practical reasons. Personally, it is, hands down, my favorite musical genre. I’ve always been in love with the intricacies of counterpoint, and I’ve always marveled at the Baroque masters’ abilities to create beauty out of a compositional technique so riddled with rules.

Practically, Baroque music is so easy to dance to — I always think of bluegrass as modern-day (relatively speaking) Baroque music. You just can’t help wiggle a little when you hear it.

Includes: Edvard Grieg, Frederic Chopin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Claude Debussy, C.P.E. Bach and Domenico Scarlatti.

[Playlist on Spotify]

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